Legal Notice

TRAVEL COLLECTION is the trademark of the company Patricia Linot Conseil.

SARL (limited liability company) with a capital of €7,500
Headquarters: 43, Rue Royale – 77300 Fontainebleau – France
Trade and Company Register Number : RCS Melun 517 939 088 00012
APE (Standard Industrial Classification) code : 7912Z

logo-atout-franceOur registration number granted by the State (Atout France) is IM 077110020.
The registration number granted by the State, represented by Atout France, is mandatory and subject to extremely strict criteria.
This number is essential in order to sell travel products.

Our financial cover

We have taken out financial cover amounting to €100,000 with the APST (the Association for French Tourism Professionals) 15, Avenue Carnot – 75017 Paris -France.
The purpose of this cover, of which the amount is revised annually according to the growth of our turnover, is to reimburse customers as a priority for the total amount of any deposits or payments made in the event of our company defaulting.  This financial cover today protects travellers against companies going bankrupt and sets European agencies even further apart from those established in destination countries where legislation can often be lax.

Our liability

Liability insurance which is specifically designed for the tourism industry taken out with: HISCOX France – 19 rue Louis Le Grand – 75002 Paris – Policy no.: HA RCP0224230


Protection for advance payments made by the public

In order to work as a tourism professional you must be registered with the State, take out professional liability insurance cover and obtain financial cover, the amount of which is set by the authorities.


The APST (Association for Tourism Professionals) grants this financial cover to tourism professionals.
In addition, going through a member of the APST enables you to benefit from an exclusive advantage free of charge:  Protection for advance payments.
Selecting a tourism professional who is a member of the APST give you peace of mind that any funds transferred for a booking are safe.
Protection for advance payments is free and enables you to be confident that your trip will go ahead even in the event of your tourism professional defaulting.
In the event of it not being possible for your trip to take place, for technical reasons for example, you will be reimbursed in full for any amounts paid.

Please note: protection for advance payments does not apply to all the tourism services offered by your agent. Please ask your agent for further information.

« Applying and validating payment protection cover is in accordance with the clauses of Volume II of the French Tourism Code.  It covers the purchase of travel services (tourism packages or one of the services listed in article L.211-1 of the French Tourism Code, not only relating to transport) ».
A tourism package is the combination of at least two services relating to transport, accommodation, car hire, outings, etc. for a duration of over 24 hours or including one night’s accommodation and sold at an all-inclusive price.


Credits : iStockphoto – Travel collection